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50's Sock Hop Dance Party




Audio Star DJ's / Music and Entertainment
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DelRose / 1921 -2005 


For a good time that won't burst your budget ........





Audio Star DJ's

1956 Chevy


Sock Hop
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Hoola- Hoops


Chuck Berry

Rock Rattle & Roll


♪ Duck-tails,
  ♪ Poodle Skirts
  ♪ Rock-N-Roll,
  ♪ School Gyms
Sock Hop

    ♪ Twist Contest 
    ♪ Trivia
    ♪ Hula Hoops  
    ♪ Lindy Hop
    ♪ Limbo  
    ♪ Best Dressed


 ♪ Surprise Rock Band
 ♪ Impersonate Elvis
 ♪ Contests
 ♪ The Strol
Dance Party

      Poodle skirt 
      ♪ Ponytails
       Rolled up sleeves
      Black leather
      ♪ Tight pants

Inflatable guitars, saxophones, huge microphones, and
tambourines  are given to your guests  as they become
 "the  50's Greatest Rock and Roll Band".
Shake those hips, wiggle that hoop, kick out those feet, and
show us what  you've got, as you take  your turn at a twist,
hulahoop, lindy hop, trivia or best dressed contest.


     Hot  Ding-A-Ling
        Hand Jive

Free-style dancers

    Old  Time
  Rock N' Roll


The 50's Greatest Rock & Roll Band

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Your DJ is a trained master of ceremonies He will draw on his
experience to keep your party upbeat, involved and enjoyable

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For a good time that won't burst your budget ........



The Hand Jive


The Macarena


Here is a fun 50's style group dance that is easy to learn. There are also many variations of the
basic pattern below.  

Double Time
1 Slap thighs twice with both hands
2 Clap hands twice
3 Cross left hand over right chest height twice with palms facing ground.

Cross right hand over left chest height twice with palms facing ground.

5 Tap left fist over right fist twice at chest height.

Tap right fist over left fist twice at chest height.

7 Hitchhike with left hand twice
8 Hitchhike with right hand twice


Start Over


Another easy to learn party favorite is the Macarena.
Keep in mind that this is just one version of the
          dance. Once you feel comfortable with this
version, you can do others.
Have Fun.

1 Extend right hand with palm down
2 Extend  left hand with palm down
3 Turn over right palm
4 Turn over left palm
5 Bring Right hand to elbow
6 Bring Left hand to elbow
7 Bring right hand to left ear
8 Bring left hand to right ear
9 Right hand down to left thigh
10 Left hand down to right thigh
11 Right hand on right hip
12 Left hand on left hip
13 With hands on hips, move your backside back
and forth 3 times, clap and turn to the right.

Start Over


 The Stroll
            The Stroll was a popular line dance of the 50's.

The stroll as conceived by American dancers is often credited to having first appeared on the 1950s show  
   American Bandstand
.  In general, couples line up opposing each other, men in one line, women on the other
   line, while a single couple dances, struts or grapevines through the line.
   Note that in the American Bandstand picture below, the men and women are in separate lines facing each
   other. The couple in the middle, begin dancing from the front of the line moving to the back of the line.

Bandstand - the Stroll




1. Form two lines facing each other.
2. Women in one line men in the other.

3. One man and one women from the head of the line get together in
    the middle between the two lines and dance  their way to the back
    of the line.
4. Another man and women from the head of the line repeat item 3
    above. This gets repeated over and over until the end of the dance.
 . What are the other people who are in line doing?
5. They are waiting their turn to get to the head of the line. Once there,
    they take their turn at dancing down the middle to the other end of
    the line as a couple.

Doing the Stroll

        Dance Steps:
        As a DJ I am interested in getting my partying crowd dancing and having fun quickly.  Therefore, I have
       simplified the dance steps to minimize the amount of time it takes to learn the basic steps.
   6. The men in line begin with their left foot. The men tap their left foot to their left side, then to their right side.
       do this 3-1/2 times: (Left, Right), (Left, Right), (Left, Right).  (Left,  then place the right foot behind the left
       foot). The last part is often called a grapevine.
   7. Once the Right foot is behind the Left foot, start over with ( L,R ),  (L,R ), ( L,R), (L,  then place the Right
       foot  behind the Left foot) and start over again. Times routine above.
       What are the ladies doing?
   8. The ladies are dong the exact opposite of the men's steps.

      Keep on dancing! Regards - Dancing DJ Mel


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Audio Star DJ's / Music and Entertainment
(727) 527 - 6387