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Ballroom Dance Music for your dancing and listening pleasure.
 ▪   Waltz - Tango - Foxtrot -  Viennese Waltz
    Cha Cha - Rhumba - Swing - Bolero - Mambo
 ▪   Nightclub Style -Hustle- Salsa - West Coast Swing
           Ballroom Dance Program

This dance program is a typical ballroom sequence of dances. Your DJ will announce each song before it is played to give each dancer the opportunity of asking their favorite partner to dance to a specific style.

During a typical three to four hour dance party, your DJ may play up to 70 songs. Your DJ can modify this program to suit your groups specific needs.


                    Modify the Typical Ballroom Dance Program:          
       ▪ Not everyone knows how to ballroom dance.
Most people like to dance or want to learn to dance

Not all dance party participants know how to ballroom dance.
you want all of your non ballroom dance party participants to have a good time, consider modifying the typical ballroom program.

At Beach Ballroom we conducted a ballroom dance for beginning and experienced ballroom dancers. We called it, "Beach Ballroom - Juke Box Saturday Night".

It was very successful for the following reasons:
  We selected
music that would fit experienced ballroom dancers and beginning dancers. Before the dance and during the dance, I announced that we would be playing dance music for non-ballroom dancers as well as for ballroom dancers. we also held a lesson before the beginning of the dance.
Everyone was  encouraged to dance to either style of music
to both. I also, played well known participation dances, and used
some of my fill the dance floor DJ announcement techniques, learned
from my many years of being a disc jockey to fill the dance floor.

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