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Quinceañera party planning and phone consultation

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Music is a critical component of any  memorable Quinceañera. There are music choices that can be used for every part of the celebration - from the grand entrance for the Quince, to the Quince  waltz with Dad, to the dance with the Court, and much more. Audio Star DJ's will help you make the best choices for those special moments.
We provide Music to cover each part of the
Quinceañera celebration. Contact us for help in planning your party.

The Quinceañera is a celebration of faith, and traditions. It marks the symbolic transition of a young girl’s childhood to becoming a young woman on her 15th birthday. Traditionally, this day also marks the time when a Quinceañera will be allowed to wear jewelry, light make-up, heeled shoes, and began socializing or dating.

The Quinceañera has deep religious traditions in Latin American families. A special religious service takes place where the young girl re-affirms her faith in front of her family, friends and the church. The Padrinos & the Court of Honor are also present at the church. The Padrinos play a very significant role at the church ceremony where the Quinceañera has many religious items (see below) that are sponsored by the Padrinos. The Padrinos will also re-affirm to the church they will assist the Quince in her young adulthood with guidance. 

The religious ceremony is followed by a grand celebration for the Quince, her family, friends, and guests where she will partake in more traditions that signify her transition from a young girl to a young lady. 

Quinceañera Court of Honor: One of the special traditions is the
   Quinceañera court of honor. Family members and close friends are
   usually chosen to be in the court of    honor. Quince which means
   15 is usually the total for the court of honor.
There are traditionally 14 boys called chamberlains, and 14 girls
   called damas, the Quinceañera makes the total 15.
There are also “half” courts consisting of 7 boys & 7 girls, and the
   Quinceañera.  Occasionally, the Quince will have a chamberlain de
   honor, which will escort her during the grand  celebration.
Today, there are other variations to the court, including all boys, all
   girls, or no court at all.
Quinceañera Padrinos: The Quinceañera must select Padrinos which
   make up the rest of the Court. The Padrinos are there to lend support,
   religiously, educationally, and monetarily when it comes to planning the
   celebration. The Padrinos play a very important role in supporting the
   Quince and her family during the entire Quinceañera celebration which
   can take many months to prepare and the cost may be more than most
   wedding’s! It is an honor for the Padrinos to get chosen to be part of the
   Quinceañera celebration.
Padrinos de Honor are usually the Padrinos that baptized the child and are
the Padrinos of the Misa/Arreglos de iglesia (church).
The court may also include: Presenter of the shoes, The Grandparents of the Quinceañera, The Parents of the Quinceañera...


                Music at the
      Quinceañera Reception

After the religious ceremony is complete
the Quinceañera receptions begins! Usually at
a  banquet hall or reception area. Alternatively, more and more Quinceañera church ceremonies and the reception are being done in the same location, such as a banquet or reception facility. There is plenty of food, drinks and music! For all of the family, friends, and guests!

Traditions continue at the Quinceañera reception. The reception is much like a formal ball or cotillion. The Court of honor and Padrinos are usually dressed in formal wear and gowns. The Quinceañera reception will consist of formal dances called vals or waltz. The vals or waltz also symbolizes the Quince’s first dance(s) as a young woman at a formal event. “Su primer vals”. Her first Waltz.

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Audio Star DJ's - Music and Entertainment
(727) 527-6387

  DJ Mel Infanzon